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VESSEL TYPE : Gabriel Class Shuttle Carrier
FLEETYARD: Utopia Planitia Fleetyards, Mars
MOTTO: "Cyberspace - the Final Frontier"
HISTORY: coming soon!
NAME: Origin of the name "MATRIX"
CREST: USS Matrix logo


DIMENSIONS: Length - 768m
Width - 427m
Height - 119.8m
PROPULSION: Maximum - 9.92 Warp (burst speed of 9.995)
Cruising - 7.82 Warp
PRIMARY - Single M/ARA Mk II Core, Twin Nacelle Design
SECONDARY - Dual Vectoted Exhaust IPS, Twin Back-up IPS units, Standard RCS Thruster Emplacements
LIFE EXPECTANCY: Warp Core - 85 Standard Earth Years
Space Frame - 115 Standard Earth Years
Computer Systems - 20 Standard Earth Years
MISSION: PRIMARY - Shuttle Carrier
SECONDARY - Tactical Support and Space Control Ship
CREW COMPLEMENT: 165 Officers approx.
575 Enlisted approx.


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A Brief Overview
of the
USS Matrix and the Gabriel Class

The current incarnation of the USS Matrix NCC-72296 is a Gabriel Class Shuttlecarrier, commissioned on Stardate 9711.18. Prior to this stardate, the USS Matrix NCC-2296 was an Archangel Class Shuttlecarrier, originally commissioned on Stardate 9411.18.

The Gabriel Class Shuttlecarrier is Starfleet's largest Shuttlecarrier currently in service. The Gabriel Class is built at the Utopia Planitia Fleetyards, Mars, Sol Sector. Each ship takes approximately 7 years from start to finish of build time, a number which has been recently cut to just under 6 1/2 years per space vehicle.

At 768 meters length the Gabriel Class exceeds that of a Sovereign Class starship. Each Gabriel Class is 24 decks thick, excluding the 8 decks per Carrier Bay. The Primary Hull is a direct descendent of the Galaxy Class design with structural changes customized to the Gabriel Class' role in Starfleet. One of the less noticable components, but most important is a dedicated CIC (Combat Information Center) which extends the role of the Matrix from that of just a Shuttlecarrier to being a Command and Control Ship.

The carrier bays of the Matrix and other Gabriel Class ships allow for simultaneous docking of 4 Defiant Class starships (2 per bay). The Gabriel Class is also able to carry a full complement of fighters, shuttles and workpods. A total of 48 craft per Carrier Bay.

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