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787th Marine Strike Group (Aerospace)

Officer in Charge General Joseph Hoolihan
Deputy Officer in Charge Lieutenant Colonel John Wagner
S-2 (Intelligence) Officer Lieutenant Colonel Arnel Carigo
S-3 (Operations) Officer Brigadier Pamela Nery
S-4 (Logistics) Officer Brigadier Ed Wandall
F/A-55 Pilot Lieutenant Colonel Michael Paquette
F/A-55 Pilot Captain Thomas Mooningham
F-82 Pilot First Lieutenant Marie Brownhill
Private First Class Tony Nery
Private Coston Nery
Private Bill Horridge

787th MSG 7th Brigade SFMC

787th GuidonThe primary unit in the 787th Marine Strike Group is the 73rd Marine Air Group.

The 787th has been completely certified through the Marine Unit Readiness Program:
Aerospace Readiness, Aerospace Medicine Readiness, Professional Development Readiness, Leadership Development Readiness, Armor Readiness, Combat Engineering Readiness, Maritime Operations Readiness, Non-Commissioned Officer Readiness, Special Operations Readiness, Medical Readiness, Support Readiness, Infantry Readiness, Mecha Readiness, and General Combined Readiness. It was the fourth SFMC unit to earn this distinction.

In 2010, the 787th received the 7th Brigade Legion of Valor as the unit that most exemplifies the spirit, image, and attitude of the STARFLEET Marine Corps within the Brigade. The 787th also received a Meritorious Unit Citation in 2010. In 2010, one of our Marines was inducted into SFMCA Team Delta, and in 2012 we had a second Team Delta inductee.

The 787th is the home unit of the Logistics Officer and Communications Officer of 7th Brigade, as well as the SMFC Sky Marshall / SFMCA Aerospace Branch Director.

STARFLEET Marine Corps
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