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Operations Division

(All descriptions of areas of responsibility taken from Ship's Operations Manual, 2015)

Reports to the crew on STARFLEET activities;
oversees the Regional Operations Officers program, advises crew of other sci-fi activities that may be of interest.

Chief Operations Officer
Ensign Avery Taylor
Assistant Chief of Department position vacant
Computer Specialist Lieutenant Junior Grade John Peedle
Computer Security Officer Commander Jonas Schlein
Diplomatic Corps Liaison (Ambassador)
position vacant
Morale Officer
Colonel Russell Bedford
Deck Officer
position vacant
Deck Department crew
Crewman Recruit Robyn Carigo

Crewman Recruit Hunter Bruton

Crewman Recruit Tony Nery

Crewman Recruit Coston Nery

Crewman Recruit Dawn Clifford

Crewman Recruit Cristopher Stanley

Cadet Quinn Griffiths

Helm Officer
Crewman Recruit Marie Brownhill
Regional Operations Officer
position vacant

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